Meeting Health Care Needs

at Various Facilities in the Rogue Valley

Applegate Valley Family Medicine  (AVFM)

formerly a medical office in the Applegate Valley area of Southern Oregon, was specifically conceived to meet the health care needs of the residents of the Applegate and Rogue Valleys. We provided comprehensive and professional medical care while maintaining a personalized and trusting relationship with patients and their families. Roger Fogg, a nurse practitioner, still provides this care but only goes to specific facilities around the Rogue Valley, Grants Pass area. We provide the list of facilities here…

A Few of the Facilities Roger Fogg (FNP) Visits are:

He does not see patients in office, only at these facilities.

Roger visits other facilities not listed here. Be sure to ask if Roger visits your facility!

1031 NW Morgan Lane, Grants Pass

Phone & Fax  —  541-955-6063

Email  —

Other Info  —  Level 3 Home

1444 Willow Lane, Grants Pass, OR  97527

Phone  —  541-244-1200
Fax  —  541-244-1201

Email —

192 Saradan Lane, Grants Pass, OR  97527

Phone  —  541-955-5054
Fax  —  541-955-5954

Email  —

1751 Boundary Lane, Grants Pass

Phone  —  541-479-3173
Fax  —  541-479-0930

Email —

859 NE 6th Street, Grants Pass, OR  97526

Phone  —  541-479-3700
Fax  —  541-471-2967

Email  —

332 NE C Street, Grants Pass, OR  97526

Phone  –  541-244-1335 
Fax  –  541-955-7002

Email  —

2144 NW Heidi Lane, Grants Pass, OR  97526

Phone  —  541-955-1816
Fax  —  541-955-0774

Email  —
Website  —

3111 Canal Ave, Grants Pass, OR  97527

Phone  —  541-471-9543
Fax  —  541-471-7128

Email  —

5244 Williams Hwy, Grants Pass, OR  97527

Phone  —  541-862-2150
Fax  —  541-862-2154
Contact Lori McPherson  —  541-761-0262

Email  —

Roger Fogg - Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP)

… is an incorrigible optimist. He moved to Southern Oregon in 1986, and after living in Williams for almost 19 years, he decided to pursue his dream of opening a clinic that would provide quality health care to the residents of the Applegate and Williams valley. Thus, Applegate Valley Family Medicine, LLC, has become a reality.

Roger has so many degrees he needs two large walls to hang them on. Before Roger became an RN, with an AA in nursing from San Bernardino Valley College, he graduated from California State in San Bernardino with a BA in Chemistry. He then went on to obtain an MPH (Master’s in Public Health) from Loma Linda University. During these times, Roger also managed to work over 25 years in emergency rooms and over five years in Intensive Care Units. He recalls all these times as great fun!

Still not satisfied with all he had accomplished, Mr. Fogg enrolled in the Family Nurse Practitioner program at Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, California and graduated with an MSN in 2003. Prior to establishing this medical clinic, Roger worked with Family Practitioner Dr. David Candelaria in Grants Pass.

When he first moved to Williams, Roger operated as a paramedic and volunteer fire fighter, and has risen to the rank of Assistant Fire Chief of the Williams Fire Department. He has completed numerous classes and courses in Fire Science. Roger married the girl of his dreams, Karen, and together they have raised two daughters who are now in college studying to become teachers. Roger says his wife Karen has not left him yet, but at times she has probably wanted to.