Medication Links

In order to better understand the information your provider has given you regarding your medications, the Applegate Valley Family Medicine, LLC office recommends the following sites. You may trust the information you find here:
Your providers at Applegate Valley Family Medicine, LLC recognize that medications are expensive. In order to help defray these costs we are happy to provide samples when we can. We will also try to order generic medications whenever possible.

The best of medicines are of no help to our patients if they are not affordable. With this in mind, we recommend you visit the following sites to see if you qualify for discount drug cards. Take your drug cards to the pharmacy whenever you pick up your medications. If you need help completing these enrollment forms, please ask the staff for assistance. You may have to make an appointment with a staff member for this assistance.
Together RX
This is for patients with incomes less than $28,000 per year for individuals or $38,000 per year for couples.

Medicare Patients
This site includes cost comparisons for various pharmacies in our area.
Helping Patients
This site compares many of the available assistance programs and suggests the ones for which you might be eligible.

For Pfizer medications